5000 Series - Light-Duty Floor Access Covers



The class-leading Howe Green 5000 Series Light-Duty Floor Access Covers are suitable for all use with all types of solid and hard flooring finishes to enable permanent, safe access to services concealed beneath the floor.

The 5000 Series is available in single, duct or multipart configurations for interior or exterior use in pedestrian-only areas. Manufactured in Ware, Hertfordshire, all covers are made to your exact specification (between stated maximum and minimum sizes) with no time or cost constraint.


Made to your specification between stated maximum and minimum sizes, with no time or cost constraint.

Quick and easy to install ensuring minimum disruption.

Provides easy access to underfloor services using lifting keys.

Any configuration of ducts and branches can be created to provide a tailor-made floor access solution for your application.

Double sealed option provides the highest levels of hygiene and security.


All types of hard floor finish – ceramic tiles, marble, terrazzo, concrete, resin, wood or parquet floors.


Light-duty, suitable for pedestrian traffic, including wheeled trolleys and sack trucks.


The size, depth and weight of the 5000 Series Floor Access Cover makes it suitable for a diversity of applications. It can be used in pedestrian-only areas in residential, commercial and public spaces where easy access to concealed under-floor services is required.

Choose from Aluminium or Stainless Steel to suit your application.


SUITABILITY Interior and exterior solid floors
LOADING Pedestrian-only traffic
WEIGHT 90kg per m²
FIRE RATING Call our sales support team on 01284 701696 for more information
SEAL Optional Double Seal / Top Edge Seal
Show-edge manufactured from Aluminium or Stainless Steel with Steel baseplate and reinforcement
Clear Opening
(Min-Max sizes) SINGLE: 150-750mm / DUCT: 100-600mm / MULTIPART: contact us*
Frame Size
(Overall dimensions) Aluminium: clear opening plus 120mm / Stainless Steel: clear opening plus 130mm
Overall depth 50mm
Lifting Points
Aluminium: Inset as standard / Stainless Steel: Corner as standard (see Options)
Due to the potentially complex design of multipart access cover layouts, Howe Green recommend early consultation with our Technical Department to achieve the most efficient and economical layout for the given installation.

Need additional help? Below you will find installation instructions and installation videos

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